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Knowledge is Night – an evening on university campus for Researchers' Night 2018

On the third Researchers' Night on 28 September 2018, there were more than 100 activities on offer for all ages to marvel at and take part in at various locations around Kiel. As part of the "European Researcher's Night", this night is held each year at the same time as similar events in more than 300 cities in over 25 countries. The programme is a colourful mix of interactive experiments, laboratory tours, exhibitions, workshops, artistic activities and lectures about current research. read more

I begin my tour at the research workshop Kieler Forschungswerkstatt (KiFo) in the Botanical Garden. Under the motto "ozean:labor – Dem Meeresleuchten auf der Spur" (ocean:laboratory - tracking marine phosphorescence), visitors equipped with a black light can observe fluorescent marine animals from the deep sea and get creative themselves using neon paints.

The tour proceeds to the IPN (Leibniz Institute for Science and Mathematics Education). Here, the event's title "Showversuche zum Thema Feuer und Farben" (experiment show on the subject of fire and colours) has already attracted lots of visitors to the parking deck and the announcement that "chemistry is ... when it explodes and stinks” is soon to be confirmed. It starts with a burning €50 note that nevertheless remains undamaged. This is followed by colourful flames and florescent foam as well as a sparkler that carries on burning even under water. Then flour explodes everywhere and suddenly the place smells like a pizza bakery. Alongside the show's effects, however, we are provided with plenty of the chemistry know-how behind the experiments and I leave the event with new knowledge and a slight craving for pizza.

My last stop for the evening is the Kiel University tower building. The LED installation of "Project Lighthouse" is already well known and loved beyond the bounds of Kiel. On Researchers' Night, visitors have the opportunity to make their own designs and see these displayed on the façade of the tower. Firstly, I set the colour and design on the computer in the foyer and then I go outside. Very soon the façade is lit up with Kiel University's logo in purple. I take a quick photo for Instagram and then make my way home after an exciting and action-packed evening at Researchers' Night 2018.

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Text: Hannah Hinzmann
Photo: Hannah Hinzmann