Alumni Relations Management

About the Alumni Relations Management at Kiel University

Alumnus and students infront of the main auditorium

Photo: Bevis Nickel

What exactly are alumni?

You become an alumni of Kiel University (CAU) when you have personally and professionally developed yourself during your time with us - as a graduate, but also as a former employee (from research, teaching or administration), or as a guest (students without a qualification, occasional students or guest students from abroad).

How can the Alumni Relations Management at Kiel University support me?

Based on the premise "Stay in touch. Grow together." is how the Alumni Relations Management at Kiel University serves as a central service point for alumni and alumni issues both internally and externally. In our role as intermediary, we are the first point of contact for your inquiries and will connect you to the relevant contacts at Kiel University.

As communicators we keep you informed about relevant news and services on offer. In addition to this, we also create communication platforms for you to use to network and exchange ideas with other CAU alumni, as well as current students, employees and channels at Kiel University. We also offer forums in which you can place and communicate your own professional success stories and topics.