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Alumni in focus: how do you build a career?

Hinnerk Ehlers (responsible for Marketing, Sales & Personnel, FRoSTA AG) in an interview
Hinnerk Ehlers studied business administration at Kiel University (CAU) and forged his career with major companies like Nestlé and Beiersdorf. He is currently responsible for Marketing, Sales & Personnel at FRoSTA AG. He shared his professional career with students, alumni and interested listeners at the Alumni Career Talks. More tips by CAU alumnus Hinnerk Ehlers on careers can be found here in the blog. read more

Alumni in focus: Carolina Gries

From studying Islamic Studies to recruiting at Zalando
How do I find a job that suits me? How do I convince the company with my application and job interview? Carolina Gries (Recruiting Specialist Logistics, Zalando SE) gave her tips on these points on 11 April 2019 at the Junior Alumni Career Talks. She also shared her experiences on studying and finding a job. read more

Career story: from the farm to the large corporation

How do I find out which way I want to go in my career? How do I deal with doubts during my degree? How do I find the right internship placement? How do I enter the world of work with success? Kiel University alumni answer these questions for you during the Junior Alumni Career Talks. read more

Knowledge is Night – an evening on university campus for Researchers' Night 2018

On the third Researchers' Night on 28 September 2018, there were more than 100 activities on offer for all ages to marvel at and take part in at various locations around Kiel. As part of the "European Researcher's Night", this night is held each year at the same time as similar events in more than 300 cities in over 25 countries. The programme is a colourful mix of interactive experiments, laboratory tours, exhibitions, workshops, artistic activities and lectures about current research. read more

Smarties, pirates and 3D printers: information days at Kiel University with a difference

University information days are only something for A-level students, aren’t they? Wrong! Kiel University’s major event offers far more than just study advice. Campus tours on various topics, and real-life insight into labs appeal to everyone who is interested in culture and science, or curious about the world around us, as I discovered when attending the information day on 14 March 2018. read more

“We create chemistry” - Alumni Career Talks with CAU alumnus Dr. Eckhard Parzich (BASF SE)

What’s it like to work for the world’s largest chemistry corporation? To switch over to corporate communication with a doctorate in chemistry? And to move from Germany to China as a manager? CAU alumnus Dr Eckhard Parzich (Corporate Communications, works council, BASF SE) answered these questions first hand at our interdisciplinary Alumni Career Talks on 24 January 2018. read more

ACT NOW! – Bye-Bye “Blackbox Career” - hello “Alumni Career Talks”! Jumping from university theory into working practice with CAU alumnus Martin Poske

Do you remember how difficult it was, moving on from being a student to starting work? Are you facing the challenge of changing jobs? Or are you still studying at Kiel University and wish you could speak to experienced managers in person and collect tips to help you plan your career? Now this is possible - with the new joint events by Alumni Relations Management and the Career Center, the Alumni Career Talks. read more

Quails in tropical forests, grandpa’s beard and rooftop whisperings – on a photo-safari at the InstaMeet by Kiel University

Social media and conveying knowledge - is that possible? Is it fun? You bet it is! At Kiel University, we work and study right by sandy beaches and the sea - surroundings which give ideas and knowledge exchange wings to fly. Living where other people go on holiday is an experience that you like to hold on to and share - especially in photos! read more

What do fishing, coffee and Alumni Relations Management have in common?

Do you know those huge fishing nets? You see them quite a lot in Kiel. They are closely knit textile formations, made up of individual rows and lines of thread - and they don’t become stable until the knots are added. The same is true for networking - as an individual you are a lone fighter, but when you find other people who have what you don’t have, you gradually build up a strong network that you can fall back on throughout your whole life. read more

Ship’s bells, nano-pellets and global change - Kiel University at the Hannover Messe

Pink cherry blossoms line the wide trade fair alleys. The sun is shining and the blue sky stretches across Hanover - perfect weather for a trip to Lower Saxony on 27 April 2017. Why Hanover? Because Kiel University is presenting itself for the first time at the Hannover Messe.  read more

Acoustic word art meets Breakfast at Tiffany’s - the Night of Acoustics at Kiel University

Have you ever painted words with sounds? Quite a challenge, but also a very entertaining and fascinating experience, as I discovered on 8 March 2017 at Kiel University’s first Night of Acoustics. read more