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Smarties, pirates and 3D printers: information days at Kiel University with a difference

University information days are only something for A-level students, aren’t they? Wrong! Kiel University’s major event offers far more than just study advice. Campus tours on various topics, and real-life insight into labs appeal to everyone who is interested in culture and science, or curious about the world around us, as I discovered when attending the information day on 14 March 2018. read more

Making science tangible

A lecture about “Science Communication” focussed on the art of explaining research to non-specialists in an understandable way, bringing science up close to them and enabling them to experience it. This is what happened in the Kieler Forschungswerkstatt's “plastic pirates” project, for example - children and young people are researching how heavily our running waters are polluted with plastic waste and what effects this has on seas and oceans. This is how science becomes tangible even at a young age.

In the Institute of Human Nutrition’s labs, Master’s students at Kiel University are making “fluid coating” an experience. This laboratory process produces coatings for smarties, or protective casings for vitamins to be absorbed into the body later. It is not only school children who are interested in this - part of our group is a dietician and a young man who wants to take a different direction after his first degree. They are very excited to see the “Technical Centre” - a lab for students to experiment with ingredients and consistencies. For example, what must you do to stop herbs in a herb sauce from all sinking to the bottom? Scientists as problem solvers.

Improving projects via teamwork

We get to know about coworking spaces in the “starterkitchen”. This is a place where various professional groups, students, school children and other interested individuals meet and exchange their knowledge in order to realise a range of projects. The “tools” for this can be found a few buildings away in the “FabLab” - 3D printers, hot press moulds and laser cutters encourage you to implement your own creative ideas. Together we can accomplish much more than by ourselves!

StarterkitchenPhoto: M. Mika, Uni Kiel

On that note: stay curious about the world and those around you!

Best wishes from Kiel University

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